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Phenolic Resin

Phenolic Resin has a long history and thus makes a great influence in different uses and industries and has become indispensable material. However, the efforts to develop environment friendly and high performance products with basic properties of raw material, phenol, have been continued backed with our accumulated technology for more than forty years from general industrial uses through the materials for electronics use.
Our main research areas include molding materials, casting, refractories, friction materials, heat insulation, paints & coating and ink, adhesives, grinding wheel and abrasives, impregnation uses, electronics materials and new materials.

Electronics Material

High purity phenolic resin is widely used as epoxy modifier and hardener for PCB and EMC.
Therefore, in PCB, we are researching various high performance resins with needs of high thermal insulator resins with fire retardant of non-halogen and change in soldering materials and, in EMC use, high performance resin in depth with fire retardancy by self extinguish and low melting point.

Polyurethane Resi

We acquired KS mark certification with roof waterproof flooring material (KSF-3211) and urethane sealant (KSF-4911) for the first time in the country, and then in 2001, gained official recognition of IAAF with quality of PU product for track use of athletic site, and further acquired Q-Mark, Environment-friendly Mark, certification of FDA of USA. Our focus of research is in development of various environment friendly materials utilizing the properties of urethane and differentiated new product with high quality and performance, and creation of value added price.
In addition, with tightened VOC regulation home and abroad, we have also developed water soluble urethane resin to meet various needs of the customers. Our main research areas include waterproofing materials, flooring materials, sealing materials, elastic paving materials (track and field), shoes sole, copper wire covering, casting, synthetic leather, industrial use foam, food packaging use adhesives, etc.

Furan Resin

Furan Resin has the most marked properties such as chemical resistance, heat insulation and abrasion resistance and it further features varied natures in strength by kinds of resin and hardener and our research is focused in cold setting, low pollution and environment friendly application and improvement, and we are doing best in development of improvement technologies in black lead binder of molding/forming materials.

Polyurea Resin

To meet the needs of varied industries of work site requiring high performance, high quality, convenient work, environment friendly conditions, we have developed high speed cured polyurea system that can be applied to existing waterproof, flooring, anti-corrosive coating system for the first time in our country which have been used in various industries of infrastructure such as Incheon International Airport and high speed railroad and its use for large scale drinking water piping and anti-corrosive coating has also been recognized with its good quality.
And we are also doing our best in development of new materials that can be used in various applications by expanding the properties of polyurea which has environment friendly nature.