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Kangnam chemical is the future value of our customers!

KANGNAM CHEMICAL thinks that polymer chemistry is limitless resource for realizing people’s more com-fortable, happier, and more beautiful future life with only spirit of artisanship and have made efforts for more than 40 years for customer delight.

Since starting production of phenolic resin for the first time in the country in 1971, KANGNAM CHEMICAL has been a leader in synthetic resin industry such as polyurethane resin, furan resin, urea/melamine resin and paints & coa-tings / ink resin. Now more than 40 researchers of the company are working in close cooperation to concentrate in existing business areas and, to develop future growth engine in chemical industry, and they are doing their best for writing a new page of cutting-edge technology in fine chemistry as in national strategic project, synthetic com-plex nano material, high performance materials, water soluble polymer, Environment – friendly sports facilities.

R & D Center of KANGNAM CHEMICAL is proud of its technology staff who place the first priority on environment friendly and rich life of human being as the first and it is becoming know-how by which the company can take a leading position in global competition. Kangnam Chemical is planned to concentrate all the research power on environment friendly plus and promote new production development to allow the people to lead a richer life.