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Polyurethanes are linear polymers chains that have a molecular backbone containing urethane bonding groups(-NHCOO). These groups, called urethane, are produced through a chemical reaction between a more than two-functional isocyanate and polyol in combination with other active hydrogen compounds.

Diisocyanate and polyol used for making polyurethane have a wide range of selections from flexible to hard qualities and design of various products from elastomer to foams is available. The material features high strength such as tensile strength, tear strength, elongation and abrasion resistance and have excellent Workability to allow a wide range of applications such garments, shoes, industrial wheels and, for construction use, roof waterproofing material, flooring material for gymnasium, and athletics tracks, and uses for personal and household care products.


Casting NEODEX®  LIST An excellent elastomer available to be processed to low hardness through high hardness with high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, elasticity and workability [...]

Wire Coating

Wire Coating NEOREX® LIST Polyurethane Resin used for coating enamel wire features flexible coating, electric insulation, low temperature soldering and convenience in using as one-liquid type. Polyurethane resin has [...]