High Speed Cured Polyurea is a high pressure spray system used to spray on a surface to form a coating layer in the field with resin and hardener. This system features far faster curing than waterproof, flooring and anti-corrosive coating system and thus working efficiency can be enhanced and required thickness of monolithic coating film secured even for vertical surface without flowing down. In addition, self-addition reaction of the product is far faster than that with ambient moisture in curing and the product is applicable to a wide range of conditions since it’s nearly not affected by moisture and temperature than other coating system.

1. Characteristics
– High speed cure type (cured in 3 minutes)
– No solvent type (No containing organic volatile solvent)
– Excellent mechanical and chemical properties
– Working by machine

2. Uses
– Concrete waterproof work, anticorrosive coating, and wall coating
– Anticorrosive coating for iron panel and pipe, coating for various piping’s
– Inside and outside linings of various tanks
– Waterproof and anticorrosive coatings for sea structures, ice storage tank, water storage tank and drinking water tank
– Inside and outside coating for large scale drinking water piping, and waterproof and anticorrosive coating for water purifying plant and waste disposal plant
– Flooring for plant, heavy load place, and parking lot
– Sports facilities
– Others

3. Product Specification

Test Items Products No.
KA-770 KR-770 KA-790 KR-790 KA-690 KR-690 KA-650D KR-650D
Mixing Ratio(Vol%) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Tack Free Time (sec) 20~30 5~15 5~15 5~15
Initial Curing Time (25°C/min.) 3~5 2~5 2~5 2~5
Hardness (Shore A) 70±5 90±5 95±5 D50±5
Tensile Strength (N/㎟) ≥6.9 ≥11.8 ≥16 ≥18
Tear Strength (N/㎜) ≥29.4 ≥44.1 ≥50 ≥60
Elongation (%) ≥400 ≥350 ≥300 ≥200