We are planned to make continued investment and efforts for becoming an environment-friendly business.

We would be committed to satisfy consumers with the best quality and service to repay their support‚ and grow up as a global comprehensive synthetic resins maker by establishing foundation for environment-friendly management‚ actively expanding our business in overseas market‚ and exploring new business.

  • Established : March 12‚ 1971
  • Main Product : Phenolic resin‚ polyurethane‚ electronic materials‚ polyurea‚ furan resin‚ artificial turf
  • Headquarters : 12, Seoun-ro 1-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  #06733
  • Plant and R & D Center :  253, Byeolmang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea #15424

Since establishment of Kangnam Chemical Co.‚ Ltd with business philosophy of “Success of manufacturing industry is backed up with the spirit of master craftsman”‚ we have always been devoted in creating a richer society along with every customer.

Company history

Kangnam Chemical became the first company that started to produce and supply phenolic resin in the country. In 1973‚ Kangnam Chemical was producing Alkyl Phenol Resin‚ Furan Resin and the resins for processing fabrics and then‚ in 1978‚ it introduced polyurethane elastomer technology and became a real leader among synthetic resin manufacturers‚ contributing to groundbreaking advance of domestic materials industry taking an important part in national industrial development.

In 1981‚ Kangnam Chemical was the first company that executed athletic site track work with elastic paving material in Daegu Simin Stadium‚ which supported promotion of sports and our company to become a general synthetic resin maker of phenolic resin and polyurethane resin. In 1984‚ our company obtained KS Mark certification with polyurethane waterproof coatings for roofing work and executed polyurethane sealant contract work for Gu-Ma concrete highway for the first time in the country and thus product quality of our company has been recognized in and outside the country.

In 1985‚ We developed Phenol-Urethane No bake resin for casting use and Mid sole Polyurethane for shoes sole by our own technical power and‚ in 1987‚ obtained KS MARK certification with construction sealant and become the third company in the world following U.S. and Japan that successfully executed polyurethane elastic material work in Seoul Olympic Stadium where “86’ Asian Game” and 88’ Seoul Olympic Games have been successfully hosted by which the product quality of our company has been known worldwide. In 1988‚ We set up a plant and research institute attached to our company in Banwol Industrial Complex and developed rubber binding phenolic resin and started production and supply of CRISVON‚ a solution type polyurethane resin‚ and has written a new page of history of Banwol Industrial Complex.

We have developed binder for SN refractories and transferred the technology to DIC Co.‚ Ltd. In addition‚ we developed flower arrangement support foam use phenolic resin‚ started production of food packaging resin and mono-liquid moisture hardening type polyurethane resin for the first time in the country. In 1995‚ Our company announced the quality policy‚ “Quality First Spirit”‚ and obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification from English LRQA for the first time in the synthetic resin industry in our country and thus prepared world level of “Quality Management and Quality Control System”.

We also sold Nubuck Polyurethane resin for synthetic leather use and polyurethane resin for magnetic tape on the market to continuously promote the business and‚ in 1996‚ we gained professional construction license (plastering‚ waterproof and painting work) and executed the works for the tracks of home stadiums such as in Jecheon‚ Wonju‚ Pocheon and waterproof work for large scale of apartment but in Kowloon Taiwan‚ Hong Kong and thus we have gained a foothold for further advance in global market.
In 1998‚ our company has gained professional construction business license (civil engineering)‚ executed waterproof work for the bridges of Korea Train Express high-speed railroad‚ was designated as Q-Mark business‚ became a member of UNITEF‚ developed high speed cured Polyurea Coating System in 1999 that was applied to Incheon International Airport center office building in Yongjongdo‚ executed flooring work for Macromart in Taiwan‚ track work of College of Education‚ in Kaohsiung‚ Taiwan‚ roof waterproof work in Haerbin‚ China‚ tunnel waterproof work in Kyrgyzstan. As described above‚ our company pushed into overseas market and started its global times.

In 2000‚ our company became a member of Polyurea Coating System Association‚ carried out development service of phenolic resin for heat insulator materials for the National Defense and Science Institute‚ introduced general sealant production line‚ acquired quality certification of IAAF with urethane product series for track use in athletic site in 2001‚ passed toxicity test by FDA‚ USA with adhesive product for food packaging use in 2002‚ and we were very proud of high quality of our products and‚ in 2003‚ we established Kangman Chemical Materials Co.‚ Ltd (Beijing) securing a bridgehead for entering Chinese market.

In 2006‚ we acquired ISO14001 (Environment Management System) certification‚ received Prime Minister’s Commendation for energy saving efforts‚ gained professional construction license in 2007 (landscape architecture)‚ constructed and extended NOVOLAC-3building for production of phenolic resin for electronic materials‚ built up Pyongtaek plant in 2008‚ and acquired environment mark certification with urethane product for waterproof flooring material‚ environment-friendly construction material with sealant product in 2009‚ and acquired KOSHA 18001 (Safety Healthy Management System)

We are committed to be a company that thinks product quality and customers first‚ and think future environment by realization of customer satisfaction‚ and become a sound business that will wisely cope with rapid changing management environment.