We are committed to satisfying our customer needs with innovative management .

I am pleased to welcome you to the Kangnam Chemical websites

In 1971, we started production of (commercial) phenolic resin for the first time in Korea. Since then, we have contributed to the development of the country by leading the manufacturing and supply of synthetic resins such as polyurethane resins, polyamide resins, and furan, and responding to the diverse needs of our customers. Resins, urea resins and resins for electronic materials.

We promise to make our efforts as below to return our customers’ trust in us for nearly half a century.

First, Trustworthy company

Second, Leading company

Third, Eco-friendly company

We will do our best to efficiently maintain and improve our quality of products and services through consistent assessment of the system appropriateness to provide the quality of products and services for customer satisfaction.

We will make efforts to lead customer needs by securing advanced new technologies and developing innovative products.

We are committed to becoming a company that is loved by our customers by fulfilling its social responsibilities through transparent and exemplary management and strict compliance with eco-friendly policies.

AS of now, Kangnam Chemical directs its attention to the future.

We promise to do our best to be one of global market leaders in the chemical industry  with creative insights and innovations without settling down what we have achieved so far.

We are making our great efforts to be the best partner with our clients in the future.

CEO, Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jae-Jin Seo